Cabinets for Experiments

Our flagship product at Phenome Technologies is the circadian cabinet, but we often build cabinets to meet the needs of the customer. We primarily manufacture our cabinets with plastic, so that institutions no longer have to be concerned about the permeability of wood in the facility. With our easy-clean technology, LED lighting, and an emphasis on producing an equal experience for each subject in the cabinet, technicians, animal care, and the researcher can be assured we are doing are best to aid them in their efforts. Each cabinet can produce 1024-levels of logarithmically scaled lighting, are tested for light leaks in our dark room, and come with an impeller motor that distribute air evenly across the cages the cabinet while following the animal care guidelines related to air exchange rates. With the addition of the advanced sensor board light intesity,temperature, and humidity can be graphed using Actimetrics Chamber Control application. For circadian data collection, we recommend Actimetrics Clocklab software.